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Contact Us:

Please type in your request in the Message box and hit Send and we will reply as soon as possible. 

For information about original oil paintings, prints or commissions, email me at and please include your name and email address. I will respond
as quickly as possible. This information will never be shared with any other entity,
ever. Thank you for your interest in my work.

Originals & Prints:

Please call for pricing on all originals or for information about commissions.

Prints that are 8in. by 10in. or smaller are $30. each plus shipping.

Prints that are  12in. by 18in. or smaller are $60. each plus shipping.

Other size prints can be made but please call for pricing.

All prints are signed by the artist.


​​​Charles Steelman

PO Box 893068
Oklahoma City, OK 73189

Tel: 405-623-1260


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Secret Print.jpg
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